Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Three More Terra-Flex Mat Reviews/Painting Tutorials

We've found three more ZUZZY Terra-Flex mat review/Painting tutorials on the web and we thought we'd share them with you.
Firstly, Mel Ebbles over at the Chez Ebbles blog gives a nice overview of his experience painting one of our Scourged Forest mats: Painting The Lazy Way 2: Zuzzy Terra-Flex Mat.
Next, Peter Mancini at his My Wonderful World of Gaming blog shows off his beautiful painting work on a Sulfur Fields mat: Zuzzy Mat finished for AT-43.
And finally, J. Fleisher over at Ogre Miniatures blog gives a nice step-by-step of his experience painting the Sulfur Fields mat: Painting a Zuzzy mat for Ogre Miniatures play.

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