Sunday, June 21, 2015

Update for June 21st, 2015

We have been reminded by a few of you that we are a little late on our update. The month of May has passed and we are now far into June. There have been a few more hiccups along the way. But both Jim and I want to assure you that we are working hard to move this process forward.

Again, we would like to ask that if you plan on purchasing anything at this time, that you read all of the posts concerning our current progress. We appreciate your purchases, they help us immensely in solving this problem, but we again want you to make your choice with the understanding that there will be a delay in the turn around. If you aren't willing to wait, please don't order. But also, by ordering now you will be ahead in the queue as we solve our production problems. Also, by ordering now you are helping us repair what damage has occurred.

Many people have suggested a Kickstarter to get us back on track. Both Jim and I feel that this might be something that we would be willing to visit in the future once we have again earned your confidence. In time we may open this up for discussion with the community. For now, just purchasing a mat or two would work in the same fashion. The profit we earn on each purchase goes directly to fixing some of the problems and in return you have invested in a future addition to your gaming table. Once we can repair what has gone wrong, the goal of course, is to turn our product out quickly and efficiently for the community. Also, again, we want all of you to understand that we have no intention of folding or running. This is our livelihood and we have much more in the way of product line that we want to share with the community, but first we have to fix this bump in the road. As we have said before, we are placing ourselves in the hands of the community.

Now, on to the update:
On the production side of things, we have gone seven weeks since our original post. In that time we have produced our way from May 2014 up to the middle of September 2014. Essentially 4.5 months in seven weeks. We have a few stragglers from all of the mentioned months. Mostly the resin orders. The temperatures in the month of May were erratic and without temperature controls in our workshop working with the resin has been hit and miss. I explained this in an earlier post. September is proving to be a little more demanding than I originally estimated due to a few massive orders. Also, in the month of May we ran out of some essential packaging materials which also slowed down our production process. Since money is very tight we had to make some painful decisions concerning the purchases of these materials. This has effected everything across the board.

On the shipping side of things, we are behind the production schedule. As we stated earlier the problems we encountered through last fall and winter assailed all aspects of our finances. Because of this we have had to balance production, with shipping, while paying the customers who've requested refunds back. This has slowed down the shipping end of things. But fear not, if you're a June or July order and you still haven't received your mat, you will very shortly.

Some of you asked for pictures, so we're dropping in a pic of some packages ready to be shipped out.

Best wishes always!
Kevin and Jim.

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