Thursday, November 18, 2010

Flagston Paven Sneak Peek

Some of you have asked for a peek at our next upcoming release. We are calling it the Flagston Paven Terra-Flex mat. It will be part of our new “Stoneworks” line of terrain. The sculpt is complete and the mat will be in production within a few weeks.

The mat will be available in all of our standard sizes (4ftx6ft and smaller.).

The Flagston Paven mat is now available here.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Broken Blacktop Mat has Arrived!

We are very proud to announce today that the ZUZZY Miniatures Broken Blacktop Terra-Flex Battlemat we've been working on for so long has finally gone into production and is now available. The Broken Blacktop mat is the first in our Wounded City line of terrain.

ZUZZY Terra-Flex battlemats are flexible rubber with sculpted, raised details molded into the surface. It is terrain that can be used with nearly any game system. The mats are easily rolled out, instantly transforming your table into an ultra-realistic environment. And when used in conjunction with our resin terrain, your gaming experience can be raised to near dioramic levels. All of our terrain mats are available in 4ftX6ft, 4ftx4ft, 3ftx3ft, 2ftx4ft, 30inx30in, 2ftx2ft, and 11x14in sizes. The 3x6inch sample size is also available.

Terra-Flex mats can be used on a floor, draped over a small table, laid across your favorite gaming table, or even glued down on a permanent base. Once the game is over the mat can be easily rolled up and stored away in the convenient plastic sleeve that it was originally shipped in, taking up little more room than a folded up umbrella.

The Broken Blacktop mat is the fourth style of Terra-Flex mats joining The Sulfur Fields, Scourged Forest, and Moorlands battlemats that we have already released. The Broken Blacktop mats are available today in the Wounded City section of

Friday, October 22, 2010

Painted Moorlands Snow Mat in New Customer Gallery

 We love it when our customers send us photos of ZUZZY Miniatures they've painted. And now we've got a Customer Gallery up on our Facebook Page to show them off. So send us your pics and we'll put them up there.

First up in the gallery is John Redmond of Tacoma, Washington. John sent us some pics of his Moorlands mat painted up as a snow covered landscape. And it looks fantastic.

John says, "Awesome mat, easy to paint. Brown wash and a LOT of white highlighting with cheap Wal-Mart acrylic paints (scumbling and drybrushing as well); it holds up like a charm." "I gave it a "thoroughly trampled snow" effect. Seemed the Verdant Field texture was best for winter terrain."

Check out the pics in ZUZZY's Facebook Customer Gallery.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New ZUZZY Forum Location

We've moved our forum to our Facebook page, here:
Be sure to "Like" us while your there. k thnx.

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