Saturday, June 14, 2014

DM Kaydon's Castle

DM Kaydon over on YouTube, as well as being a close friend of ours, is an avid roleplaying game terrain builder. And he now has his own YouTube channel. be sure to check out his videos. Link and one of his videos below.

DM Kaydon's Castle

Monday, December 16, 2013

Broken Blacktop Painting Tutorial at Studio Hobby Thumbs

Ross Oancea (AKA CubanNecktie) over at Studio Hobby Thumbs has just let me know about a tutorial he's put up on his blog on painting up a ZUZZY Broken Blacktop gaming mat.
Great tutorial, with lots of photos. Well done.

It's a new blog, but it already has quite a few posts.  Lots of conversions. Currently all Warhammer 40k stuff. Definitely worth checking out.

We've also added a link to it on our tutorials page, where you can find links to more tutorials as well.

Monday, September 16, 2013

ZUZZY Store is Back Up

The ZUZZY Store at is now back up and running. We had experienced about a day of down time after the site was hacked. Fortunately we had been planning a server transfer and had already begun building the new site. So we just did the move a little early. Everything is now running fine and we are very happy with the new site.

Saturday, September 14, 2013 is Under Reconstruction

If you've been to within the past day you'll have noticed that it is undergoing a reconstruction. We had started constructing a new site on a new server. But, yesterday we were forced to move to the new site early due to a web hack of the old site. So there are currently only a few items available for sale on the new site. If you're wanting to make a purchase, please check back again in a day or so and we should have all of our items listed. Thank you. **UPDATE** The store is now back up and running.

Friday, March 22, 2013

New Shipping Rates

We have held off on making any price changes for years. And though the Post Office has raised their rates several times, they were moderate changes and we chose to absorb the expense rather than change our pricing. But now, with the Postal Service's newest price increases, we have no choice but to increase our shipping rates to match it.

Shipping rates inside the USA are not changing very much, if at all. The exception is the west coast and outlying states and territories. For example, the shipping for a 4x6 mat to California is now $16.83. A $5.26 increase. Whereas, the same mat's shipping to New York would only be $9.47.

 Europe is seeing a much larger rate increase. A 4x6 mat shipped to France, for example, now will have a shipping charge of $42.09. That is a lot. But still lower than what the actual shipping is. The Post Office charges us $51.20 to ship that mat (LINK). We're eating the difference of $9.11.

For our European customers it really only makes sense to get together with friends and make a group order. The postage rates drop sharply for orders over $200.

Australia. Sorry Australia, the Post Office has really socked it to us for shipping out to you. A 4x6 mat going to Australia will now have a shipping charge of $52.61. That's huge, I know, but since the Post Office's price increase we were actually losing money on every mat we were shipping there. We had to do something. The actual shipping we pay is $64.03 (LINK). So we're still subsidizing the shipping cost, but at least we're not losing money on the deal anymore.

Unfortunately, because Australia is one of the countries with size restrictions preventing us from shipping multiple 4x6 mats together, we can not offer any discount for larger orders going there.

Our full list of shipping rates can be found HERE.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Terra-Flex Mats Now Available in 2x3 ft. and 3x4 ft. sizes

Our Terra-Flex battlemats are now available in two new sizes, 2x3 ft. (61 x 92 cm) and 3x4ft. (92 x 122 cm).

These new sizes are aimed at being more convenient sizes for use in tabletop roleplaying games. All of our product lines will incorporate the new sizes - The Ruined Land, The Despoiled Reaches, The Wounded City, The Moorlands and The Stoneworks.

ZUZZY Terra-Flex gaming mats are flexible latex rubber gaming mats with an ultra-realistic sculpted surface. They are available now exclusively through the ZUZZY Miniatures website at

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our New Forum

Facebook has announced that it is shutting down all of the fan page discussion forums on October 31st. They want people to focus on wall posting for some reason.

So I've set up a new forum here. It's much nicer than the Facebook forum. It has many features, like inserting images and signatures, that the Facebook forum lacked.


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