Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Moorlands Table-Top Battle Mats Are Here!

We're proud to announce today the release of our newest battle mat, The Moorlands. The first in our Verdant Fields line of terrain.
ZUZZY Terra-Flex gaming mats are flexible, paintable, ultra-realistic themed terrain that can be used with nearly any game system. The mats can be quickly deployed for a fully immersive gaming experience. And when used in conjunction with our resin terrain, your gaming experience can be raised to near dioramic levels. All of our terrain mats are available in 4ftX6ft, 4ftx4ft, 3ftx3ft, 2ftx4ft, 30inx30in and 2ftx2ft sizes.

Terra-Flex mats can be used on a floor, draped over a small table, laid across your favorite gaming table, or even glued down on a permanent base. Once the game is over the mat can be easily rolled up and stored away in the convenient plastic sleeve that it was originally shipped in, taking up little more room than a folded up umbrella.

The Moorlands mat is the third style of Terra-Flex mats joining The Sulfur Fields and Scourged Forest battlemats that were released last year. Get your Moorlands mat today. It's in the Verdant Fields section at ZUZZY.com.

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