Thursday, April 30, 2015

Update For This Weekend

We received a full order of latex Wednesday afternoon. Two days sooner than the supplier promised! You should also know that late winter was very harsh on us this year, and all of our resin stocks were destroyed. The replacement for the resin will be on order this Friday.

This weekend ZUZZY will be focusing on finishing up the month of June, 2014. There isn't much left to that month and those of you that have been stuck out in the ten month zone will finally have your issues addressed. If there are any that still have refund requests in that month or before we will contact you very soon.

In the fall of last year, we had been sending out June, July, and a few August orders. July of course will be next. For expediency sake the smaller orders will be going out first, while we weave the larger ones into the docket.

Again, although we are filling the mat orders as quickly as possible, we are waiting on our resin replacement. This can not be ordered until Friday. It will take a few days before it arrives.

Best Always,
Jim and Kevin

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